Is Leasing or Buying Cars for Sale the Better Option?

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
4/21/2021 - Brookings, SD
“Is it better to buy or lease a new vehicle?” This is a question we hear so often at Einspahr. While people are most familiar with purchasing and financing their new Brookings vehicle, leasing can be the better option depending on a person’s financial situation and vehicle goals.

Why is There an Inventory Shortage? (And Solutions for Drivers Who Need Vehicles!)

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
4/16/2021 - Brookings, SD
If you’ve driven past the Einspahr vehicle lot in the last year or, you’ve likely noticed more concrete than new and used vehicles. And it isn’t just us. Many dealers across the country are in the same situation after COVID-19 halted production of new vehicles. In this blog post, we’ll address why there continues to be a new and used vehicle inventory shortage, and how Einspahr Auto is getting creative in order to help car-shoppers find the right vehicle.