The Einspahr Experience Is Like No Other - Part 2

by Einspahr Team
6/29/2017 - Brookings, SD

Our previous blog was the first blog in a series about our building architecture, how it’s unique, and how it affects you as our customer. We talked about how we designed our building to be a different shape and more open than other dealerships. The openness creates an inviting environment for our customers. But the open look of the building isn’t the only aspect that makes our building inviting.

The windows and natural lighting also help contribute to an open and friendly atmosphere. Studies have shown that natural light in office settings actually has a positive effect on mood, health, and behavior of the employees. Maybe that is what makes Einspahr employees so happy and friendly.

People said that all the windows would fade the carpets, but Allan Quick designed the building so that the walls went out far enough so that when the sun got low, it was already too far to do damage. Even the round window near the service entrance is meant to accent the basic rectangular shapes in the building.

Even the ramp leading to the showroom serves two purposes. First and foremost, we want everyone to be included in our Einspahr family, and the ramp makes easy access for our customers with disabilities. But also, the ramp was perfectly placed to give the showroom an added dramatic appearance.

Another aspect of our building that we are particularity proud of is how energy efficient our building is. Not only are we able to help the environment, but we are also able to save money. We were one of the first dealerships in the area, and maybe even in the state, to use radiant heat. That first winter that our building was functioning, our energy bill was $4,000 cheaper than the neighboring dealership! Continuing with keeping our building energy efficient, we also just installed LED lights.

“Our energy bills are really low, and we are proud of that,” Ron Einspahr said.

Furthermore, we designed our building to have a timeless appearance.

“We were looking forward, not backward,” Ron said. “The factories come out and are really surprised. They can’t believe it’s 36 years old already.”

The modern look of the building helps add to the customer experience. We don’t want our customers to step in our building and feel like they are stepping back in time. Instead, we want you to know that you are stepping into the future. We want you to know that we have the latest that the automotive industry has to offer. You can trust us when it comes to buying and servicing your car.

We hope you get the chance to stop by and see the things you have been reading about. We really do want to make you feel welcome and part of the family. Come back to read our last blog and see how different we really are.


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