In with the New

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
8/31/2017 - Brookings, SD

It’s that time of year again; summer vacations are wrapping up, kids are returning to school, and maybe a few trees have even started to change color. If you’re mourning the end of summer there is one thing to look forward to with the arrival of fall: new model year vehicles are rolling into dealerships across the country, and Einspahr Auto Plaza is no exception!

“Every year technology improves and refinements are made. For me, what was already great just gets better. That’s it: it just keeps getting better,” sales associate, Jim Langland said, when asked how he feels when new vehicles begin arriving.

With anticipation growing from both customers and the sales team about what the new vehicles will be like questions and rumors float from ear to ear freely.  What will the RAM redesign look like and will it come out this year? Is the F-150 really coming out with a diesel motor? Is the Wrangler too? And is Ford’s “Magma Red” really red or brown or black?  One individual who may know the answers before the sales team or general public would be Dealer Principal, Matt Einspahr.

Earlier this month Einspahr traveled to Florida to attend the 2018 vehicle launch of all Ford products.  With excitement very high to see what’s new, Ford understands that some people may not want to wait to show the world what’s being offered before it hits the dealership lots.  To attend the event all individuals must go digitally dark; no cameras, no computers, no cell phones.

According to Einspahr, “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a part of the auto industry, it is always about the product!  Every year when the new models come out there is an excitement around the dealership.  We all see the transport trucks come in and rush down to the Service Drive to check the new models out right off the truck.  The pace and magnitude of the changes only continues to escalate and that makes this an exciting time for both those in the industry and customers alike.  We were able to see Ford’s plans for the future in Florida and it was overwhelming.  Ford continues to raise the bar for safety, fuel efficiency, capability, and technology.  We just had our first redesigned 2018 Ford F-150 arrive this week and it is incredible.  We also look forward to Ford’s first sub-compact SUV, the EcoSport, which is in the fastest growing segment in the industry.  Plus, we finally will have a new Expedition/Navigator which will redefine the Large SUV segment.  We look forward to taking a lot of Suburbans, Yukons, and Escalades on trade.”

But for the individuals who may not be eyeing the new 2018 models and still want to get into a newer model vehicle, you have not been forgotten.  The Summer Clearance event is happening now at Einspahr’s.  Deep discounts have been made on 2017 vehicles to move them off the lot to make room for all the incoming 2018s.

Here at Einspahr Auto Plaza, we invite you to stop in and take a look at all the new vehicles arriving on our lot daily.


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