How to Maximize Your Tax Refund and Save on Used Cars Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
2/15/2019 - Brookings, SD

Get tax tips from Einspahr Auto!


Getting ready to file your tax return? We know taxes aren’t everyone’s idea of fun, but if you’re expecting to receive a tax refund this year, you’ll want to keep reading.


Your local Brookings car dealer came up with five ways for you to get more money back. Plus, we’re giving you a chance to save even more money when you purchase a used vehicle from Einspahr by covering the 4% South Dakota Sales Tax* during our Tax Break Sale!


Five Ways to Take Advantage of Your Tax Return in South Dakota


1. File Early

Accountants get super swamped around tax season, so start collecting documents as soon as you can. In light of the government shutdown this year, the earlier you file, the better. 


2. Get the Biggest Tax Return You Can

There are several ways to get more money out of your return, such as:


  • Contributing to your retirement
  • Taking eligible above-the-line deductions
  • Itemizing your deductions (rather than taking the standard deduction)
  • Claiming any friends or relatives you’ve been supporting


3. Predict How Much Money You'll Get

It's better for planning and budgeting purposes if you can estimate how much money you'll receive as a refund. Use a free tool like this one to estimate your tax refund for free.


4. Check the Status of Your Return Online

If you filed electronically, you can see your status within 24 hours of filing; if you filed via snail mail, you’ll need to wait four weeks.


5. Don’t Miss the Deadline!

If you can’t file early, at least file on time. Monday, April 15 is the important day to remember. 


Savings on Used Cars for Sale in Brookings During Our Tax Break Sale

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Once you have that refund, what are you going to do with the extra cash? In 2018, the average tax refund in South Dakota was $2,651. Put part of that refund (or all of it!) to good use when you use it as a down payment for a new or used vehicle.


Even if you don’t get a tax refund this year, we have a way for everyone to save on used cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale in Brookings!


Going on now through the end of the month, Einspahr Auto is covering the 4% South Dakota Sales Tax (or equivalent to out-of-state customers) on used vehicles priced over $5,000* during our Tax Break Sale. Plus, all of our used vehicles are priced at or below Kelly Blue Book Retail. Talk about savings!


Have questions about eligible used vehicles or about taxes in general? We can help! Send us a message and we’ll do our best to give you all of the information you need.






*Offer on pre-owned vehicles in stock over $5,000. Einspahr Auto Plaza agrees to pay the 4% South Dakota Sales Tax on all pre-owned vehicles on our pre-owned (East) lot or the equivalent to customers from other states. Plates, tags, and other fees not included. All vehicles on pre-owned lot come with remainder of Manufacturer Warranty or Einspahr Auto Plaza 50/50 Limited Mechanical Powertrain Warranty. Additional warranty coverage available at an additional charge. Interest rate of 3.49% available on 2015 or newer vehicles with approved credit. Prices subject to change at any time. See dealer for details. All offers end 2/28/19.