Einspahr Auto Plaza

by Einspahr Team
1/20/2017 - Brookings, SD

Here at Einspahr Auto Plaza in Brookings, South Dakota, we just celebrated our 47th year in business. We’re proud to say we have been family-owned for that entire time-period.

During a recent dealership gathering, Dealer Principal, Matt Einspahr, reflected on the past 47 years.

Einspahr said, “We have such a great staff and loyal customers. We have employees that have been with the dealership since I was two months old.” He continued to reminisce about when he was five years old hanging out at the original dealership, located in downtown Brookings. It was the only place he wanted to be. And is still the place he loves to be.

Each day at Einspahr Auto Plaza we strive to make it fun for everyone. Most importantly, we want to take care of our customers, but also want to get to know them. Matt Einspahr’s Dad, Ron Einspahr, taught him that the most important thing in life are relationships.

Einspahr went on to say, “Doing business the right way is always providing a fair deal to the customer, which is the only way.”

We invite you to experience the Einspahr difference for yourself the next time you need a new or used vehicle.