Extended service contracts are available on most vehicles. For a small amount per month, you can extend the warranty on your owned vehicle.  There are a large number of choices available so it is best to review your preferences with our Finance Office.  We have listed some of the reasons that you may wish to consider purchasing an extended service contract.  

  • Peace of mind from unexpected expenses.
  • Convenience of repair coverage and rental vehicle provisions mean no disruption of your daily routine following a breakdown.
  • Various plans available to fit any budget or need.
  • Nationwide roadside assistance and towing.
  • No worry about rising costs for repairs in the future; your payment cannot be increased.
  • Your repairs will be completed by factory trained technicians utilizing original manufacturers equipment.
  • Provides a valuable Risk/Cost management tool.
  • Contact our Business Office for plan and coverage options, pricing, and payment choices.


Over the last several months a number of our customers have contacted us regarding either mail or email solicitations offering to sell them Extended Service Contracts because their vehicle is near the end of its Manufacturer's Warranty Coverage.  These offers seem to be increasing in frequency.

In almost all cases, these solicitations look like they are sent by the manufacturer directly to the customer.  Many of these solicitations are not from the manufacturer but rather from companies trying to sell products that too often offer little value. As a matter of fact, this is a very common scam tactic.  There are some cases where the solicitation is a legit offer from the manufacturer, but it is our experience that this is the exception not the rule.

The reason we say this is we want to protect our customers from spending their hard-earned money on products that don't offer a good value or quality service.  Many of these companies are here today and gone tomorrow.   When they are gone, so is your coverage.  At Einspahr Auto Plaza, we are very careful about the companies that we do business with, in particular when it comes to working with vendors that offer products that are designed to protect our customer's vehicles.

We do offer Extended Service Contracts to our customers and strongly believe that they do provide value in protecting customers against expensive mechanical failure.  We offer Extended Service Contracts from the franchises we represent in Ford and Chrysler, along with CNA National.  These companies have a long track record of good value and outstanding service.  At Einspahr Auto Plaza we chose vendors that we chose to affiliate ourselves with very carefully.  We always make sure that they have a proven record of outstanding service both to the dealership and more importantly, to you our customer.

If you receive one of these solicitations, we encourage you to contact Chad Weier, our Business Manager, and he will review the offer with you.  He will also inform you of options that we offer and tailor them to your driving needs because there is no need to pay for coverage that doesn't fit your driving profile.

We value the trust that you place in us as your choice in Automotive Service Providers and we will keep working hard to retain that trust.


Matt Einspahr                          Ron Einspahr

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