We get it, car shopping can be exhausting. 

That’s why we’ve added a lot of pages on our website explaining the options of buying versus leasing, what to expect during the car paperwork process, warranty information and more. We always put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and want to educate and help you understand everything going into one of your biggest decisions -- your trusty vehicle!

If there’s a question you have about car shopping that’s not answered on our site, let us know! Many times, car shopping happens in the after hours of the dealership, when a quick phone call isn’t going to do it. Just another reason we include all of this information up front and easy to access.

Drive in to Einspahr for lease deals.

Understanding Leasing

If you have never leased before, we would like to invite you to come in and visit with our leasing specialists. We will be happy to explain the process and benefits of leasing while answering any questions that you may have.

Six leasing tidbits from Einspahr:

  • No down payment is necessary. Anything you do put down, however, will go toward reducing the monthly payment.
  • When leasing a vehicle, your payment will be less than if you were to purchase the same vehicle.
  • You will most likely be under the manufacturer's warranty during the entire time of the lease so you will not have to worry about surprise expenses.
  • You will have a guaranteed value on the vehicle at the end of the lease. You will be given the option to purchase the vehicle or lease something new.
  • There could be tax advantages if you are a business.
  • We can tailor the monthly lease payment, mileage, and down payments depending on what you are looking for.

There is no obligation to purchase or lease when you come into our Brookings car dealership, but we know that you will leave with a better understanding of why we lease so many cars!

Contact us to set up an appointment with a leasing specialist today!

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