Introducing: The Ford Lightning

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
9/28/2022 - Brookings, SD

Place Your Vehicle Order Now to Deduct Section 179

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
9/13/2022 - Brookings, SD
Are you thinking about buying or ordering a new vehicle for your small business, ranch, or farm this year? We’re here to tell you, do it now! This year, ordering a vehicle is the best way to get precisely what you want and need in a business truck.

2023 Ford Improvements Preview

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
7/20/2022 - Brookings, SD
The automotive buzz lately has shifted from 2022 to 2023 models. We’ve been doing research to learn about what is coming for 2023 Ford vehicles.

Benefits of Ordering Your Next New or Used Vehicle

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
6/28/2022 - Brookings, SD

The New SUV in Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
3/28/2022 - Brookings, SD
One of Ford's most popular SUVs of the year is coming to Brookings. See what to expect in the 2022 Edge.

Check Out Our 44th Annual Spring Fling

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
3/15/2022 - Brookings, SD
Enjoy our 44th annual Spring Fling event in Brookings. Our used car sales and deals are blooming so come out and smell the flowers.

Getting Your New Vehicle Faster in Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
3/1/2022 - Brookings, SD
With 15,000+ components in any vehicle, parts shortages can easily extend wait times on new vehicles. Here at Einspahr Auto, we’re finding creative ways to get your new ride to Brookings faster.

L Is for Luxury — Jeep Grand Cherokee L in Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
1/27/2022 - Brookings, SD
Any drive is luxurious when you’re riding in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L. Learn more about the most-awarded SUV for sale in Brookings!

The Affordable New Truck for South Dakota Drivers: 2022 Ford Maverick

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
1/25/2022 - Brookings, SD
There’s a new, affordable truck option on the market for drivers in 2022 — the new Ford Maverick!

Safety and Technology Dominate in the New Ford Explorer for Sale Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
11/23/2021 - Brookings, SD