Servicing Hybrid and Electric Vehicles: What About Oil Changes?

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
1/16/2023 - Brookings, SD
Whether you made the switch recently or are just curious about how hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) work, it’s important to know how to service these vehicles.

What To Do Once Your Vehicle Reaches 100k Miles

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
8/23/2022 - Brookings, SD

Winter Service Checklist | Brookings Auto Repair

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
10/25/2021 - Brookings, SD
Don't wait until it's too late to get your Brookings auto repair service. Prepare your vehicle for winter with these service tips!

Four Signs You Need a Brookings Brake Service

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
8/13/2021 - Brookings, SD
While you may be ready for your next road trip, is your vehicle just as prepared for the journey? It is absolutely essential for your brakes to be in good working condition while on the road. Your brakes keep you safe while traveling, and nonfunctioning brakes will not end well for you or your vehicle.

Spring Maintenance Checklist From the Einspahr Service Team

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
3/18/2021 - Brookings, SD

Why You Should Get Your Car Professionally Detailed

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
1/11/2021 - Brookings, SD
Is car detailing really worth it? We all love the idea of a squeaky-clean car, but the sticker shock of a professional detailing job can make us wary. What do car detailers actually do? Is detailing truly that much better than a car wash? Yes, it is. We'll explain why.

Is Your Car Ready for Winter? Brookings Car Repair Tips

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
12/1/2020 - Brookings, SD
The cold weather and snow has already made an appearance in South Dakota. Is your vehicle prepared for the months ahead?

Maintaining Your High Mileage Vehicle

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
4/26/2019 - Brookings, SD
It’s not often we see a vehicle hit that mileage, but with a good maintenance plan, you can take some vehicles to 300,000 miles! At Einspahr, we always enjoy seeing a recently sold vehicle leave the lot, but we also love a well-maintained vehicle in our service department.

Fluids to Check in Your Car: Brookings Auto Repair

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
12/21/2018 - Brookings, SD
Your vehicle is made up of many different fluids that keep it running efficiently. In order to keep your car, truck, or SUV running the way it should, these fluids need to be checked from time to time.

Spring Clean Up

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
4/19/2018 - Brookings, SD
Spring is here, well according to the calendar it is. As many of you prepare to start your spring cleaning why not add your vehicle to the list. With the last snow storm, it is bound to start melting and muddy up things a bit, including your car. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to get your vehicle summer ready!