How to Spot Car Warranty Scams

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
12/22/2021 - Brookings, SD

Safety and Technology Dominate in the New Ford Explorer for Sale Brookings

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11/23/2021 - Brookings, SD

Winter Service Checklist | Brookings Auto Repair

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
10/25/2021 - Brookings, SD
Don't wait until it's too late to get your Brookings auto repair service. Prepare your vehicle for winter with these service tips!

The Future is Electric: The EVs Coming to Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
10/15/2021 - Brookings, SD
We break down what the increase in electric vehicles for sale in Brookings means for drivers and our community, and the EVs set to arrive on the lot in 2022!

Five Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Trade-In in Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
9/22/2021 - Brookings, SD
So you’re ready to sell your vehicle in Brookings — now what? To get the most money for your trade-in and to smoothly transition ownership of your vehicle to a dealership, we recommend doing these five things:

Benefits of Carfax One Owner Vehicles for South Dakota Drivers

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
9/17/2021 - Brookings, SD
If you’ve ever shopped for used cars for sale in Brookings, you’ve likely encountered the phrase “Carfax One Owner.” You can imagine that this phrase indicates that a vehicle has only had one previous owner, but what else does this certification mean? We go over the benefits of buying a Carfax One Owner vehicle, and share important legal disclosure information about these types of vehicles that South Dakota drivers need to know!

Best Trucks and SUVs for Fall Tailgating in Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
8/19/2021 - Brookings, SD
Tailgating is a fun activity to do with friends and family, but you need the right vehicle to make the most of your experience. Here are four trucks and SUVs for sale in Brookings that fit perfectly into your tailgating lineup!

Four Signs You Need a Brookings Brake Service

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
8/13/2021 - Brookings, SD
While you may be ready for your next road trip, is your vehicle just as prepared for the journey? It is absolutely essential for your brakes to be in good working condition while on the road. Your brakes keep you safe while traveling, and nonfunctioning brakes will not end well for you or your vehicle.

New Car Warranty 101 for South Dakota Shoppers

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
7/30/2021 - Brookings, SD
There’s so much mixed messaging out there about car warranties, and we know it’s confusing. Here’s a simple breakdown of what Brookings car shoppers need to know about car warranties in order to protect themselves from potential financial hardships as a result of vehicle repairs

Ask a Car Salesperson These Questions While Used Vehicle Shopping in Brookings

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
7/12/2021 - Brookings, SD
Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment, so you’re likely to have questions while used car shopping in Brookings.