In with the New

by Einspahr Auto Plaza
8/31/2017 - Brookings, SD
“Every year technology improves and refinements are made. For me, what was already great just gets better. That’s it: it just keeps getting better,” sales associate, Jim Langland said, when asked how he feels when new vehicles begin arriving.

The Einspahr Experience Is Like No Other - Part 2

by Einspahr Team
6/29/2017 - Brookings, SD
We talked about how we designed our building to be a different shape and more open than other dealerships. The openness creates an inviting environment for our customers. But the open look of the building isn’t the only aspect that makes our building inviting.

The Einspahr Experience Is Like No Other

by Einspahr Team
5/30/2017 - Brookings, SD
“We designed our facility to be different 30 years ago. It was unique then and it continues to be unique three decades later.”

Don’t Sleep on National Car Care Month

by Einspahr Team
4/17/2017 - Brookings, SD
Check out the Einspahr Auto Plaza, “Car Care Top Ten List.”

Spring Comes Early

by Einspahr Team
3/14/2017 - Brookings, SD
The Spring Fling is our way of welcoming in spring. This is the real start to the new year. We bring flowers into the show room, offer great car sales, have door prizes, and serve free SDSU ice cream cones. We are really excited about this year and want to invite you to our celebration.

Know Your Drivetrain

by Einspahr Team
2/12/2017 - Brookings, SD
We here at Einspahr want to help alleviate your burden by taking the time to explain one often confused feature—the drivetrain.

Einspahr Auto Plaza

by Einspahr Team
1/20/2017 - Brookings, SD
During a recent dealership gathering, Dealer Principal, Matt Einspahr, reflected on the past 47 years.